PopUp Greenville

PopUp Greenville 

When: Sept 25 – Nov 30, 2015

Where: Greenville Arts Council

Artists: Phyllis B. Dooney, Jakob Layman

© 2015 Phyllis B. Dooney

Aunt Florence

© 2015 Phyllis B. Dooney

© 2015 Phyllis B. Dooney

© 2015 Jakob Layman

Young Girl

© 2015 Jakob Layman

Micky Rodgers

© 2015 Jakob Layman

We’ve visited Greenville 10 times in the past 4 years, drawn to the town’s phenomenal history and soul. Our overall and still unfolding vision, Gravity is Stronger Here (GISH), is a photographic documentary exploration of Greenville, structured with a multi-dimensional perspective. GISH will have — as its cornerstone — three photographic stories exploring Greenville, MS, by three photographers, to be published in print and online, beginning in 2016.

Meanwhile, working on GISH, we amassed portraits, shown here as PopUp Greenville, of our journey through Greenville. PopUp Greenville is made of “outtakes” – images outside the edit of the final body of work (GISH), and provides a behind-the-scenes look at our time in the Queen City, illuminating the documentary process by capturing our relationships here – from brief encounters to significant friendships. Culled from thousands of images, these photos panoramically present the personalities of Greenville, and remind us that every single interaction we have deepens and enriches our lives.

Our end goal is GISH Binder (gishbinder.com), an online portal for material on Greenville. The website will begin with the three photographic stories, plus these PopUp Greenville portraits, and will grow from there. GISH as a project explores “truth” in documentary photography by presenting work from multiple photographers, demonstrating how one place is seen and experienced in profoundly different ways. The website grows with contributions from guest photographers, constantly enlarging the concept of this town and the moment in history. Aaron Turner, a Delta local on the Arkansas side, has recently joined the sequence of photographer-contributors.

Please join this dialogue on photography and place! Visit the GISH Photo Booth and get your portrait taken. More images mean a stronger collective testimony of this place and time. The Photo Booth will be located in Greenville (at GAC on Oct. 16 and as a vendor by the levee on Oct. 17th + 18th) during the Tamale Festival, and is free to all — no reservation required. Stop in, chat with us, and join the story. Images will post on Matt Eich’s popular national Instagram feed @everydaydelta so you can see yourselves, your friends, and your fellow citizens — and so can the world.

Phyllis B. Dooney is a New York City-based social documentary photographer. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic’s CityLab, The Boston Globe, VISTA Magazine, The Huffington Post, Prison Photography, American Photo and elsewhere. Phyllis was recently awarded first place in The Center’s Editor’s Choice category.

Jakob Layman is a Southern photographer with a diverse background in photography and social sciences, who has worked in the photo department for Time Out New York and is now Photo Editor of Time Out Los Angeles. Jakob is captivated by the surreality of the world around him, and finds pleasure in exploring its quirks and oddities.

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