Our Story

  • Greenville Arts Council was founded in 1983.
  • The ROGER D. MALKIN GALLERY was created by funds from The Deer Creek Foundation in 2006.
  • GAC moved into E. E. Bass Cultural Arts Center on Main Street in 2007, from the Wetherbee House.
  • 2007 was also the year that E. E. Bass Cultural Arts Center became home to Greenville’s 1901 Armitage-Herschell Carousel after its restoration.
  • Today Greenville Arts Council’s Executive Director, Programs Director, & its Board of Directors maintain itself as well as the E. E. Bass Education & Development Foundation, E. E. Bass Cultural Arts Center grounds, its Malkin Gallery, & the historic carousel.



  • Whitney Turnipseed
    • Executive Director- execdirector@greenville-arts-council.com 









  • Benjamin Luckett
    • Programs and Arts in Education Coordinator- execadmin@greenville-arts-council.com46512273_2393030080726980_7395030396255076352_o