Greenville Power Box Art


(Above: An example of a painted power box in New Orleans, LA. Picture Credits: Clay Curry)

Natives of Greenville, MS recognize the intangible beauty of our city. Sometimes, though, our city’s physical appearance doesn’t accurately represent the arts, food, music, places, nature, and people we all know and love.

To address this, the Greenville Arts Council, in conjunction with the City of Greenville, has started the Greenville Power Box Art initiative. We plant to paint all 31 power boxes (the boxes that cover transformers and other electrical equipment next to power poles) throughout the city with art that represents Greenville and the Delta. This program was modeled after Community Visions Unlimited’s New Orleans Street Gallery project.

We are asking for donations of any amount for the supplies needed to paint each box. If you or your business would like to sponsor an entire power box, we will attach a plaque to your box dedicating it to a loved one or advertising your business. To sponsor a box, please donate $250 to the Greenville Arts Council, and let us know what you would like on the plaque.

We are relying on local artists to design and paint the boxes after they are primed by volunteers. Please contact us to submit art, materials, or to volunteer to paint or prime.

If you have any questions or would like to donate through the mail or in person, please contact us or feel free to visit!

List of Power Boxes in Greenville

  1. Highway 82 & Fairview St.
  2. Highway 82 & MLK Blvd.
  3. Highway 82 & Colorado St.
  4. Highway 82 & Beauchamp Ave.
  5. Highway 82 & Raceway Rd.
  6. MLK Blvd. & Alexander St.
  7. MLK Blvd. & Union St.
  8. MLK Blvd. & Old Leland Rd.
  9. MLK Blvd. & Theobald St.
  10. MLK Blvd. & Broadway St.
  11. Broadway St. & Nelson St.
  12. Broadway St. & Alexander St.
  13. Broadway St. & Washington Ave.
  14. Broadway St. & Main St.
  15. Broadway St. & Central St.
  16. Main St. & Shelby St.
  17. Main St. & Theobald St.
  18. Main St. & Harvey St.
  19. Main St. & Highway 82
  20. Main St. & Reed Rd.
  21. Highway 82 & Harborfront Rd.
  22. Highway 82 & Havana St.
  23. MLK Blvd. & Lisa Dr.
  24. MLK Blvd. & Bowman St.
  25. MLK Blvd. & Walmart
  26. MLK Blvd. & Tennessee Gas Rd.
  27. MLK Blvd. & Reed Rd.
  28. Washington Ave. & Theobald St.
  29. Alexander St. & Theobald St.
  30. Alexander St. & Edison St.
  31. Alexander St. & Eureka St.

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