Bustamante Gallery Opening

Come out to the Nicholas Bustamante Gallery Opening at Malkin Gallery in E.E. Bass sponsored by Billy & Lisa Percy. This display is free and open to the public until June 17. Nicholas Bustamante currently lives and works in Ruston Louisiana, where he teaches as an associate professor of art at Louisiana Tech University. He was born in Los Angeles California. In 2000 he received his bachelor of art degree from Humboldt State University in Arcata California. He then went on to earn his Master of Fine Arts degree from Long Beach State University in Long Beach California in 2003. The work explores ideas of home, shelter and the way we create personal space. The storytelling aspects of the pieces are meant to be nonlinear to allow the viewer to complete the story using their own personal histories. “I often take road trips throughout the country in search of abandoned homes and structures. I am drawn to spaces and items that hold within them the evidence of time. Structures that at one time functioned, but now are broken down to mere shadows of what they once had been. I use these structures as a stage to recreate a narrative history for these places. I consider this body of work to be a contemporary extension of the rich tradition of narrative painting.”nickspostcard

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