JOLI LIVAUDAIS gallery opening

Join us tonight, Friday, July 10, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Roger D. Malkin Gallery at E.E. Bass for the opening reception of “Dreams and Replies” by Joli Livaudais. The gallery will host all alternative methods of photography with over 1800 handmade beetles swarming the walls and floors. This event is free and open to the public. Sponsored by W.L. Burle Engineers of Greenville, MS.

Statement: My artwork is an expression of my search for insight. The photographic
compositions are inspired by my unconscious mind, through journaled dreams and free writing.They are my meditations on a universe and existence that is exquisitely beautiful, perfectly synchronized, and uncompromisingly merciless. I find that my carefully weighed conclusions about the human condition challenge me more than they provide any meaningful sense of safety, comfort, or promise of a happy ending. To exist is to struggle. In my artwork, this translates as an attention to process and labor-intensive practice. The accumulation of layers, fragmentation, deterioration, and replication are natural processes that are integral to the work and the meditation of creating it. Although the nature of the work lends it a timeless quality, I choose to use contemporary and experimentally combined materials including resin, photographic ink jet prints, aluminum foil and electrical circuits. The concepts I am exploring are primal, but my interpretation and understanding of them is anchored in today.

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