Become a Sponsor!

For every fabulous gallery opening and event attended, there are backbones to the structure. For years, we have been able to host free and open to the public receptions including food, wine, beer, live music and signings. To continue this lovely tradition here in Greenville at E.E. Bass, sponsorship is a necessity. I am contacting you to help us continue our events. Your sponsorship also helps us pay for art to be exhibited and operating costs of the gallery. If you are unable to sponsor a full $500 event, feel free to donate in kind materials or what you can toward the cost of the show and you will be still be advertised and listed as a sponsor. All sponsorship includes advertisement in media outlets including newspaper, magazine, mail-outs & email blasts to over 4000 people and businesses as well as bragging rights! If you see an artist that strikes your interest, or would like to sponsor an event please contact Mary Catherine Davis at the GAC office at 662.332.2246.
Thank you in advance for your contribution to the arts in Washington County.

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