Teaching Artist Workshops Scheduled


GREENVILLE, MS – In an effort to expand professional development opportunities for local and regional educators, this fall the Greenville Arts Council, Greenville Public School District, and Western Line School District will be hosting two teaching artists’ workshops that specialize on a specific art form in relation to core academic subjects through the Greenville Arts Partnership. The workshops are free for Greenville Public and Western Line School District teachers and administrators through generous support from GPSD and WLSD or $60 for the general public. 0.6 CEU credits are available for participants for a $15 fee paid directly to Delta State University. Pre-registration is required for all workshops and can be completed online http://greenvilleartscouncil.eventbrite.com/.

Saturday, October 19th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Daniel Barash will present Shadow Stories: Exploring Story Element through Shadow Puppetry. Daniel Barash is one of 43 national Kennedy Center Workshop Leaders. He trains teachers how to use shadow puppetry with their students in workshops that are engaging, hands-on, and directly adaptable to the classroom. Shadow puppetry, with its bold shapes, vivid colors, and dramatic movement, is a highly engaging art form that allows students to express their understanding through visual art, drama, and writing. In this workshop, teachers discover how to create and use shadow puppets to explore story elements. Participants first learn shadow puppetry techniques and discover ways students can use shadow puppetry to explore character, setting, problem, resolution, story structure, and language. Participants then experience how students can create puppets and scenery to dramatically bring stories created through a “Story Challenge Game” to life behind the shadow screen. Workshop will take place at Greenville Public Schools, Manning Complex.

Saturday, November 9th  from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Mississippi Teaching Artists, Dr. Elaine Gelbard and Dr Rebecca Jernigan, will present Dance A Story, a workshops which melds dance, drama, and music to bring creative energy to learning.  The dancer/choreographer and actress/writer/storyteller duo are adept at giving schools both a quality performance experience and expert arts-integration instruction. They are veterans of the artist roster, with years of teaching experience to share with students and teachers through unique workshops that tap into higher learning skills. The duo brings to life fine literature, folklore, and original work as a jumping off point to model lessons, workshops, in-service trainings, coaching, and consultations. Dance A Story crisscrosses the disciplines of language arts, drama physical education, dance, science, history, math, music, and the study of diverse cultures. Participants will learn about dance as an art form and how connections can be made to Mississippi State Frameworks and Common Core State Standards. Workshop will take place at Western Line Schools, O’Bannon Elementary School.

For more information about the workshops or to register over the phone, contact Jasmine Hughes, Arts in Education Coordinator at the Greenville Arts Council via email at jhughes@greenville-arts-council.com or at 662-332-2246.