From AFTA-Crowd Sourced Video

From our friends at Americans for the Arts:

Starting July 12, the Americans for the Arts Arts Action Fund is launching a crowd-sourced video and need your help! We are calling  upon all artists, arts administrators, arts organizations, and arts  advocates to share their love for the arts. Each one of you has a unique  story to tell and we want to hear your answer to one simple question:

How do the arts inspire you?

You can answer this question in two ways:

  1. Submit a video! Recite “The arts inspire me to___  ___  ___.” Fill in the blank with 3 words that complete the statement.
  2. Submit an image or photo that  represents how the arts inspire you. In the comment box write “The arts  inspire me to___  ___  ___.” Fill in the blank with 3 words that  complete the statement.

Are you up for the challenge?  Together we can create a unified voice in support of the arts. Complete  your submissions by July 28th.

How to Submit:

Post your submission on the Arts Action Fund Facebook wall and include #BetheARTbeat in your post.


Tweet your submission using the hashtag #BetheARTbeat and @ArtsActionFund  


Upload your files to their website: