O’Bannon High School Presents “Poetic Voices”

On Saturday, March 16th, 7th grade students from O’Bannon High School came together with their families and members of the community for the first annual presentation of “Poetic Voices,” a poetry recitation contest modeled after Poetry Out Loud. Six students performed well know works from historically influential poets and one student recited an original work. This great undertaking was the work of Ms. McCorkle and the Floyd and Bessie Johnson Foundation, who have been working for months to prepare the students for the day by providing after school coaching, in classroom support, and the final platform for the students to perform.

Our Arts in Education Coordinator, Megan, was honored to serve as a guest judge for the event, joining three other talented women to assess the student work based on the criteria set by the national contest for high school students. We are proud to announce the award winners as follows:

Recitation Pieces

1st Place: Jerry Bonney, for the presentation of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost
2nd Place: Amber Straw, for the presentation of “Dreams” by Langston Hughes
3rd Place: Jonathan Ray-Taylor, for the presentation of “A Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes

Original Works

1st Place: Keanna Lance, for the presentation of “I AM”

Congratulations to all the award winners and the students that participated.

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