Pay it Forward

Have we told you how much we LOVE the Pay it Forward Tour? The Pay It Forward Tour is a great opportunity to see the country, serve, and spend time with a group of incredible people. This year, students on twenty-nine campuses are planning and preparing for Pay It Forward Tours from their schools over their spring break. Close to 2,000 college students will serve in 250 communities on a Tour. This year the University of Minnesota came to visit and did some amazing work.

For more information about the Pay it Forward Tour visit their website by clicking here.

For the past 3 years, the E.E. Bass Cultural Arts Center has been a site for the Pay it Forward Tour. There is nothing better than a bunch of eager college kids ready to help! They spent the morning with us helping us with all sorts of projects like painting, organizing and building gallery pedestals (I mean why wouldn’t they, we are a gallery after all). They were fabulous and we have so many great community supporters that helped us feed them (Thank you Rebecca Goodman, Susan Crawford and Hugh & Karen Lee). They spent the night in the carousel and got started bright and early on Monday morning!

So a HUGE thank you goes out to the University of Minnesota’s Pay it Forward Tour. You are all rock stars!