So many students…

…have been involved in Greenville Arts Partnership programming over the last week!

Last Tuesday we hosted a workshop with touring artist that makes miniature paper models at Akin Elementary School. The group called Lil ‘ Thangz has had their models on display at the Walter Percy and Leland Libraries since the end of October and worked with students to make their own scaled models during their art classes!

photo (1)

Last Friday, Lakeside Elementary School from Lake Village, AR visited the 1901 Armitage Herschell Carousel to experience the simple machine field trip. 55 students created their own pulley systems, wrote about the stories featured on the carousel and heard about how the historic carousel found a permanent home in E.E. Bass after arriving in Greenville in 1901. Dr. Lee Engle and Ms. Betty Coleman of Delta Children’s Museum provided presentations for the students and everyone had a great time!

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Annnnnnnnd this yesterday we hosted a very special performance at Weddington Elementary School during the day and after school at Trigg Elementary School during their 21st Century Learning Center programming. The students of Sunflower County Freedom Project performed the play “Us and Them” for the 3-5th students and the student performers led a discussion of the themes of the play and how they mastered their parts.

Us and Them Performance at Weddington

It’s been a busy week and we’re SO happy that we’ve had so many students involved in our programming!

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