Taking the Fear out of ROI

As y’all know, we’re pretty big fans of Americans for the Arts at the Greenville Arts Council. They have recently released a free E-Book called “Taking the Fear out of ROI” that we just needed to share! This document is super helpful for marketing folks at any skill level from beginner to advanced and helps break down the complex ideas behind Return on Investment (ROI) marketing. Here is how they describe it:

Between print advertising, direct mail, and social media marketing, it may feel overwhelming and time-consuming to stop and decipher which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. But in the long run, measuring your return on investment (ROI) on your marketing initiatives will show your arts organization which efforts are effective and profitable, and which efforts may just be a drain on your budget.

In this e-Book, Take the Fear out of ROI, you’ll learn how to measure the ROI of a number of different marketing campaigns that you can apply to your own work. You’ll:

  • Absorb just what Return on Investment means and why it is so advantageous to your everyday work.
  • Allow our friendly pig Stuart to guide you in measuring the ROI on his e-mail marketing campaign, a direct mail piece, social media marketing, and more!
  • Understand key points (we call them truisms) about return on investment that will dispel any lingering FEAR you may have!

Read the whole e-book on their website at http://ht.ly/d6nT7

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