Greenville Arts Council/E.E. Bass Foundation Long Range Plan 2012-2017

The Greenville Arts Council and the E.E. Bass Foundation work in partnership to provide activities and outreach to citizens of Washington County. These programs and renovated venue assist in revitalizing the downtown district. The Greenville Arts Council and E.E. Bass Foundation have existed under the same board and management for the past three years; as both organizations continue to grow and organically merge, the board has addressed reworking the current structure of the two organizations. A large aspect of development in the next five years will be to create and execute a new branding strategy for the Greenville Arts Council and E.E. Bass Foundation causing both organizations to function under one title.

Throughout the last five years, both the Arts Council and Bass, have continued to grow partnerships with all organizations housed within the building and other community nonprofits and businesses. There has been an increase in private tenants and as the building continues to be restored the Greenville Arts Council hopes to continue to increase tenants in the upstairs of the north end. These spaces can provide office space or studio space for artists. The Greenville Arts Council will maintain increase programming as well as work to diversify and provide new and innovative programming through class instruction, educational programming and community based art projects. The Arts Council will focus on celebrating 30 years by focusing on the visual, drama, music and literary arts. The continued effort to cross-publicize will continue to create richer audience experiences as well as increase diverse audiences at programming.

For more information about our 5 year plan you can review our full strategic plan by clicking here.

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