The Predators are here!

“Step into the world of Predators.  If you dare!”  The “Predators” Exhibit is officially here! From January 15th – April 15th, the Mississippi Delta has the chance to experience the world of predators up close and personal at the Greenville Mall.

The 2,400 sq. ft. self-contained educational hands-on exhibit offers audiences insight into the lives of some of the most dangerous animals that have ever inhabited our planet.  Visitors to the exhibition will explore how predators are equipped to fulfill their role in the natural world. Visitors can sharpen their wits through a variety of interactive activities that illustrate the similarities and differences between predators from around the globe and throughout history. “Predators” is an attraction to be enjoyed by the entire family and will interest to all age ranges and grade levels.

Interested in bringing your class? A teacher’s guide will be available to all interested educators, demonstrating classroom activities to connect to the Mississippi frameworks. If you teach in the Greenville Public or Western Line School District, make sure to email Megan Hines ( or 662-332-2246) to find out how your students can visit for free! To schedule a visit for your classroom or school, contact Predators Museum Director, Betty Coleman at 662-379-6987. Sponsored by Delta Children’s Museum

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