Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here at the Greenville Arts Council we are excited about big things to come this year. This month we will be working on our resolutions and goals for the next 5 years but we’ve got a couple to kick off 2012:

  1. Blogging everyday! That’s right, one of our goals of this year is to provide daily updates on grants, articles about the arts in MS and the US, and our programming to make sure we are providing better and more transparent communication to our community stakeholders.
  2. More pictures! We are going to commit to taking pictures of our school based programs and special events at GAC to put some faces with our activities. We have a Flickr account that will be frequently updated this year.
  3. Lights, Camera, Action! Expect more movies from us this year! Last year we tested out our own YouTube channel (we have 33 videos!) and this year we will expand the types of videos to highlight programs, artists, and upcoming events.

What are your goals and resolutions this year? We’re ready to get the 2012 ball rolling!

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