Celebrate Jim Henson! MS Artist

Did you know just a hop over 82 from Greenville is a great museum on the creek dedicated to Jim Henson? Did you know he was raised in Leland, MS? Did you know Kermit was named after a childhood friend? These are all the great things you can learn by visiting Jim Henson Boyhood Exhibit in Leland, MS. And this September they are having a festival to celebrate his life! You better start hopping over to Leland.

The Jim Henson Museum in Leland, MS is inviting all artists and creative souls to join them for the 20th Anniversary of The Jim Henson Delta Boyhood Exhibit and the dedication of The Rainbow Connection Bridge in honor of Jim Henson on Saturday, September 24. We are super excited here at the Arts Council because we love the Muppets. Are you interested in getting involved? Check out the information on how to set up an artists booth [ Artist invite PDF] or submit a fun drawing of your favorite Muppet [My Favorite Muppet PDF- Due on Aug 25th]! How could you choose? There is Kermit, Ernie, Miss Piggy…Oh, and Gonzo……hum…..

PS They are on Facebook—you can get all the updates on the Festival by liking their page.

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