Hold on! There is a lot going on!

Tonight and next week there is so much going on you will need to hold on tight!

Cocktails at the Carousel

TONIGHT  from 5-7 PM. Drinks for GAC members are free. Non-members $2.00 Beer and $.50 Soda. After you take a free spin on the carousel head down to Leland and have a great meal at Vince’s. Remember 10% of your base bill will go back to support the Greenville Arts Council. Make sure to make your Vince’s reservation by calling (662) 686-2112. See you there!

Painting with Mark Buckner

Time:10:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Dates: July 11-14

Cost: GAC member $80; Non GAC member $75

Mark Buckner, recognized local painter, will teach an adult painting class. This class is an introduction to painting that emphasizes color mixing, painting techniques, and composition. The purpose of the class is to promote sensitivity to color interaction, advance technical and compositional skills, and provide a basis for creative growth and expression. Call to make a reservation at 332-2246.

Pottery for Kids!

Do you have a kid who is between the ages of 10 and 17? Are they interested in ceramics? Want to learn how to throw pots on the wheel? How to use different glazes? Then you need to sign them up for this class as soon as possible. It is very limited seating; call us at 662-332-2246.

Date: July 11-14, 2011

Time: 2-4 PM, Ages 10-17

Cost: $80 for Non GAC Members, $70 for GAC Members

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