What we love.

We love lots of things here at GAC.

We love Vince’s. Remember Cocktails at the Carousel is next friday. Only a week from today from 5-7 PM. Drinks for GAC members are free. Non-members $2.00 Beer and $.50 Soda. After you take a free spin on the carousel head down to Leland and have a great meal at Vince’s. Remember 10% of your base bill will go back to support the Greenville Arts Council. Got to LOVE that! Make sure to make your Vince’s reservation by calling (662) 686-2112.

We love new members. The GAC has had 37 new members in the last month. Our membership is what helps support our programs like gallery openings and events like the upcoming movie screening as well as the Greenville Arts Partnership which supports local schools. Thank you for your dedication in making Greenville great!

We love the 4th of July! Don’t forget we will be closed on Monday; but you can find us downtown celebrating the 4th with Main Street Greenville.

We love all of your support with the Pepsi Refresh Project! We felt the love from all over the nation with people supporting our project to bring instruments to local schools. Even through we didn’t get the money this time, we realized the great need to bring music to the schools. Be on the lookout–we will get the project funded, it is just a matter of time!

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