Don’t Miss The Sunset Limited

Delta Center Stage presents the award-winning drama that took Off-Broadway by Storm!

The Story: White, an aging, lonely college professor has just attempted suicide by throwing himself on the tracks of the ‘Sunset Limited’ passenger train. Black, an ex-con who has dedicated the remainder of his life to following Christianity has rescued White and brought him to his tenement apartment, determined to convince him that he has plenty to live for. The stage is then set for a compelling dialogue between the two about what matters, what doesn’t matter, and the value of human existence. An engaging, lyrical duet that will keep you on the edge of your seat as these two begin to honestly dig for the truth behind human despair and human hope.

Performances | May 12-15, 2011
Thursday-Sat Curtain | 7:30
Sunday Matinee | 2:30

Adult Gen. Adm. | $10
Under 16 Gen. Adm. | $6

Free Admission to 2010-2011 Subscribers!

Space is limited! Reserve your spot today by calling the Greenville Arts Council at 662.332.2246.

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