Greenville Arts Partnership Members Attending Kennedy Center Annual Meeting

In 2003, the Greenville Arts Partnership became the first partnership of its’ kind in the state of Mississippi to be welcomed into the Partners in Education program of the John F.  Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  The Kennedy Center’s prestigious Partners in Education Program is designed to assist arts organizations throughout the nation to develop and expand educational partnerships with local school systems.

The Greenville Arts Partnership Team currently consists of Dr. Kathryn Lewis, Director of Education for the Greenville Arts Council, Ms. MacKenzie Stroh, Executive Director for the Greenville Arts Council, Dr. Leeson Taylor, Deputy Superintendent of the Greenville Public School District, and Mr. Michael Ray of the Western Line School District. Stroh, Taylor and Ray will be participating in the Kennedy Center’s Annual Meeting in Washington D.C from February 15-19, which will provide models and planning strategies for establishing or expanding professional development programs in the arts for all teachers.

Over the seven years that the Greenville Arts Partnership has been a member of the Partners in Education Program, the team has expanded programming for teachers as a result of their work at the Institute and has been invited to continue their association with the Kennedy Center through Annual Meeting of partnership members.

The Annual Meeting allows local team members to receive additional training related to program and partnership development, and to recast the terms of their written partnership agreement. The Annual Meeting will also provide the opportunity for teams to learn from each other’s experiences, renewing professional associations with other partnership team members and Kennedy Center staff. Stroh, who will be attending the Annual Meeting for the first time, said, “The opportunity to network with similar programs all over the county will be invaluable as our team reflects on our own partnership and where we hope to bring it in years to come.”

For more information about the Greenville Arts Partnership contact the Greenville Arts Council offices at (662) 332-2246 or Megan Hines at For more information about the Kennedy Center Partners in Education Program visit

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